Tuesday, November 25, 2014 | 12:28 pm PST


BIG or SMALL, we will
do it all !

You are never really too big or small to be doing business with JASNET Internet Solutions. Our clients include everything from larger firms studying molecular biology to family run carpet and home care services.

Come and let's throw a site !

Whether you are a family run business hitting the net for the first time, or a Web Media Company looking for additional help on maintenance .... let JASNET satisfy the perfect need for you! This is Jeffrey A. Coontz, President and CEO of JASNET Solutions and I take care of those Catch-As-Catch-Can needs, where others might be pressed for time. Small companies, that are often overlooked because of their size, are quite welcome. If you are a small shop with a one time fix, I have a very reasonable charge of $35 per hour/per incident with a $75 minimum. A simple phone call and contract will get you going. If you need a complete redesign, most small business sites run about $800/ Corporate Designs $2k and up. Also, when design and support collide, let us pave the way ! Call JASNET at (805)310-8797 today !

Your Workhorse Jock in Web Work !


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